About us


About airsports.ro

Our story began in 2011, when we officially became a sports club. We took this step with the desire to gather the pilots’ community under a single name, Airsports, which became known in Romania, but also in Europe.

Antoniu Balan (Toni) is a tandem pilot and one of the best paragliding instructors in Romania. Toni has over 3800 tandem flights so far. He was a tandem pilot in Pokhara-Nepal, one of the most popular tandem flying places in the world. He is also a tandem pilot and licensed instructor, in New Zealand.

Paragliding Courses for beginners

Paragliding is a safe sport, but only if it is handled with responsibility and if certain rules are followed.

The Airsports.ro sports club organizes paragliding training courses and seminars every year – ranging from paragliding for beginners to advanced training courses for professional pilots participating in international competitions.


In order for the paragliding experience to reach as many people as possible, we offer paragliding flights in tandem. Tandem flying means you will fly with an instructor using equipment dedicated to this type of flight. Thus the flying equipment can support weighs of more than 200 kg.

This experience will be handled by instructor Antoniu Balan, along with the pilots of the sports club Airsports.

Paragliding equiptment shop

In paragliding, flying equipment is one of the most important aspects. It must be consistent with the pilot’s experience, the number of flight hours per year and the type of flight he / she practices.

Airsports.ro is the most important importer of paragliding equipment in Romania. We offer both second-hand equipment and new equipment. If you still do not know what the right equipment is for you, write a message and we’ll help you with love.